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The National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA) is a friendly, trusted community organization working to help fire survivors access culturally relevant and bilingual mental health support. All NLBHA service providers including therapists, counselors, and case managers are licensed and from New Mexico.

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NLBHA is working within northern New Mexico counties to provide communities affected by the Hermits Peak, Calf Canyon, McBride, or Simona fires with comprehensive services including grief support and substance misuse treatment, and assisting individuals and families through this difficult time. Services are offered in English and Spanish seven days a week.


Services are available to people in Lincoln, Mora, San Miguel, Sandoval, and Valencia counties who have been impacted by wildfires and flooding.

NLBHA has local, on-call licensed therapists and counselors who are providing:
● Emotional support
● A friendly ear to listen to your needs
● Coping skills to manage fire and flooding
● Guidance and support with moving forward and recovery


1) When a caller reaches out to our phone number, great care will be taken to determine their safety and to establish if any emergency or interventions are needed at the moment.
2) The lead clinician will then gather the caller’s contact information, their primary reason for calling, and initiate the referral.
3) An assignment will be made to the most appropriate licensed counselor that can provide the relevant service in a timely manner and based on the situation.
4) The assigned provider will then plan to initially meet with the survivor over the phone, then establish the comfort and desire of the survivor to meet in person or via Zoom Chat. This could also include continuing to meet over the phone for up to three sessions or until a referral is confirmed and scheduled with a community-based agency that may better serve the long-term needs of the survivor.
5) Once a referral is made to a community-based agency or another service, the assigned clinician will complete a discharge summary and document the outcome of the referral to include all pertinent information required by NLBHA.

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